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Philosophy of Mestre Carioca
Respect the art of Capoeira.
Respect my Mestre.
Respect my profession.
Revitalize capoeira to what it was in my home town.
Participate in social work.
Spread my culture around the world.
Develop capoeira teachers with character and dignity.

Professora Canela and Professor Cobra D'Agua


Joanah Bodero (Professora Canela) was born in Pittsburgh, Pa where she trained contemporary style dance. At the age of 16 she moved to New York City to continue her dance training at Alvin Ailey. After six years of dancing in the Big Apple she started undergrad at Hunter College. In 1999 she joined the Hunter College Capoeira Club. It was a hard transition from the training of a dancer to be light and elongated to being grounded and strong as a capoeirista. Her first trip to Brazil was the summer of 1999, when her passion for the art blossomed. In January 2000 she had her first Batizado with Mestre Carioca. Since 1999 she has traveled to Brazil, Barcelona, and San Francisco taking workshops with world renowned Mestres. In 2003 She spent 7 months in Vitoria, Brasil training under Mestre Capixaba. In 2004 Mestre Carioca gave Canela her instructor cord. In 2005 Canela was the co-founder of the Capoeira Club at Cornell Medical College. Professora Canela has taught Capoeira at Crunch Fitness and Maxim Fitness gym in NYC. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences with the students of Miami.


Darwin Bodero (Professor Cobra D'Agua) was born in New York City where his martial arts training began at age 14. After experimenting in several styles throughout the years, Capoeira found him in 1999. In 2000 Cobra D'Agua was officially inducted into Capoeira through his first batizado with Mestre Bom Jesus. In 2001 he began training with Mestre Carioca and has been with him ever since. In June of 2006, Cobra D'Agua received his Instrutor corda (Blue cord), marking his first step in a long road as a graduated student. Cobra D'Agua has performed at various locations and universities around the country, displaying and sharing his unique style of Capoeira for all to see. In NYC he taught classes at the Society for Martial Arts and Equinox Fitness gym.

Canela's and Cobra D'Agua's style of Capoeira comes from Espirito Santo, Brasil. Under the "umbrella" of world renowned Mestre Capixaba, New York is privileged to have a long lineage of great teachers including Mestre Carioca, Mestre Bom Jesus, Mestre Ariranha, Professor Boca do Mundo, numerous other graduates, and now Professora Canela and Professor Cobra D'Agua. After spending many years training together Cobra D'Agua and Canela married in August 2007. They moved to Miami, shortly after their marriage. As history repeats itself, their classes will pass onto you the traditions, culture, and ways of Capoeira that were bestowed unto them.

Graduation System
Blue (instructor)
Green (instructor)
Purple (professor)
brown (professor)
Red (master)



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