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Meet the CCM Yoga staff:
Christin Buttel

Whether you're just beginning your yoga pilgrimage or you're a teacher yourself, Christin's warm enthusiasm sets the tone for a fluid class encouraging each participant to break through their boundaries. She comes from a long family lineage of teachers and it shows in her patience and compassion. She includes creative sequencing and is very focused on alignment to protect the practitioner's body. Her classes have been described as "deeply spiritual while creating a fun, cheerful environment." Christin often includes thought provoking spiritual lessons and mythology.

When she became disciplined in her personal practice, Christin started to experience an internal shift. She left her 8 year position as a social worker --with a deep desire to give the gift of yoga to the people in our community. She has completed multiple TTC's in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of YOGA and holds ERYT 500 in Ashtanga and Hatha. Christin has pursued many avenues of continuing education including Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Yin yoga, hot Pilates certifications and also taken Zen Buddhist meditation workshops in the esteemed Shunkoin temple in Kyoto, Japan. 

Her desire to bring an authentic and holistic experience to help heal her students from inside out has made her an eternal pilgrim. In her spare time, she volunteers with Big Brother/Big Sister program, animal rescue, enjoys playing guitar, painting and laughing shamelessly at her own jokes!



Canela’s joy in life has always been when she is on the Move. From a young age she has participated in gymnastics, dancing, swimming, running, capoeira, and yoga. Throughout different injuries and changes of the body she has always maintained her yoga practice and believes it is one of the best movement activities that she can take with her into old age. Through many life experiences of being a Mother, Wife, Business owner, Professor of Capoeira and Physician Assistant she has gained a lot of knowledge that she is passionate to pass onto her fellow Yogi’s through one class at a time. She is proud to have become a certified Vinyasa Krama Yoga teacher under the direction of Rae Indigo of United Yoga. Canela’s ambition is to teach intelligent movements of yoga practice, to help others find Health and Happiness in their lives…Namaste

Gabriel Villaverde


I’m an ERYT 500 Hrs. Yoga Alliance Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist. l was trained in Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Nuad Boran (Thai assisted Yoga), but it was when I discovered Vinyasa Krama with Rae Indigo and United Yoga that it all came into place. It enhanced my teachings to deliver an intelligent class with wise progressions and smooth flow while exploring multiple directions of mobility that will keep you mindfully aware in practice. I enhanced my sensitivity so I can deliver the class that my students need and the challenge that is appropriate for the level of each practitioner. You can expect some new asanas, breath work combinations and a fun playlist to raise your vibration and experience a psycho-emotional uplift. See you on the Mats.

Alejandra Gonzalez


Alejandra Gonzalez , born in Venezuela, has developted an active lifestyle and curiosity for the connection between body, mind and breath which led her to the world of Nutrition. Here she started to practice yoga with the help of internet videos to help her get through those Ohio winters. After experiencing some of the delightful benefits yoga provides, she incorporated many poses and breathing exercises into her college tennis teammates' warm up routine. After seeing that Nutrtition was only one limb of Well-being, her curiosity pushed her towards Psychology. Experiencing physical and emotional shifts in her being, using yoga as a tool, she knew she wanted to dive deeper into the unknowns. She indulged in numerous books while working with various permaculture farms on her volunteering journeys. With a constant flow of new volunteers she had many opportunities to test out her creative sequences. Seeing Nature's balanced duality furthered her passion and thrist for knowledge of the Healing Arts. She then got the opportunity to learn from Rae Indigo and officially become a certified yoga instructor. With this knowledge she hopes to dive even deeper into the connection between Breath, Body , Mind. She teaches a variety of styles as she continues to experience and expand her own practice. Her passion for Well-being helps her establish an environment focused on Breath and Alignment. She thrives for a deep understanding of yoga anatomy and philosophy. She truly understands that yoga is a personal journey and hopes to gives her students the necessary tools to wander deeper.



From a very early age Cristina has strived to make physical fitness a part of her life. Her wellness journey began with gymnastics at the age of 6, followed by 8 years of classical ballet. In high school, she took interest in weight training, which she continued through her college years. After graduating from the University of Florida, Cristina returned home to Miami. Without a clear plan for her future, she struggled to find herself and began to live her life filled with crippling anxiety and doubt. It was at this time that she was introduced to yoga and began her journey to self fulfillment. As her life began to unfold bringing about marriage, a career change, a cross country move and her first baby she committed any extra time she had to practicing yoga. Through yoga she was able to find peace and clarity.
Practicing now for over 7 years, she recently completed her 200 hour Krama Vinyasa training with Rae Indigo of United Yoga. She is dedicated to the practice because she believes in its benefits and it has opened her mind to a more conscious driven life.   As a teacher, she hopes to be able to provide a practice where her students can free themselves from everyday worries and relax into their own meditative rhythm and flow, if only for one hour.



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